There’s plenty of reasons why he would call you another girl’s name in bed, and they’re all another girl

Have you ever been there? Everything going swimmingly and suddenly out and out he calls you ‘Brenda’? Who the hell is this chick? Why did he say that? Here are five reasons that a guy would stoop so low as to blurt out another chick’s name in bed.

1. He’s not over his ex
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Yup. That mystery Brenda is definitely that same one that he keeps bringing up at dinner and telling your friends about. He’s not over her, and you might just have to check on it (or else accept some unsurprising news that they’re running away together to Diani in December).

2. There’s a clande, and she’s a freak
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There might just be a side chick and whatever it is that this one is doing, be afraid, for there be dragons (and butt plugs). There are options for this: talk it out, yell it out, have an open thing or if you’re really set on this guy, maybe consider upping your freak factor in bed?

3. There are…so many others
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This isn’t the most elegant solution, but its the most possible. He’s just straight seeing so many others that he can’t possibly keep you all straight. Don’t think in single digits here. Imagine instead that this one is out here collecting lays like a nerd with comic books. He doesn’t give a damn, and from there it’s up to you as to whether or not you want to live a life of destitute ‘ratchedity’.

4. He’s doing the juggle

The last of these options is probably the most insidious. The other chick’s name slip-up probably went down after 14 tequilas after a graduation bash. Why? Because this one isn’t pumping the numbers, he’s juggling between three and six relationships (which probably vary in how serious they are from dating to future ex-wife).

This last option is the worst of all, and the one you need to get out of. Or, alternatively, get slow decadent revenge by starting a clande thing with his best mate from primary school. Either way, do you.

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