Is it normal for your spouse not to EVER meet your parents?

Most married couples have almost the same understanding of each other when it comes to in-laws. Either one or both parties despise the idea of meeting with their in-laws, for one reason or the other. Even if they’d like to, they cannot avoid them forever. If they’re lucky, they will only have to see them once in a blue moon. If not so lucky, they find themselves needing to engage them a few times a year.

This formed the basis of the morning conversation on Classic 105, where Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi argued out their points of view. Maina posed the question to the listeners of whom they gave various answers.

Ladies why do you live with men, have their babies and they have never seen your parents
How do your parents know where to reach you?

You cannot live with someone’s daughter and you’ve never met them,

if you’re a lady in one of those arrangements do you ever ask your self what your mother thinks?

His co-host Mwalimu Kingangi whispered to him;

Maina let me tell you something this a very sensitive topic, out of respect there are lives you need to create.

Not all the times some times you cannot encourage you go every weekend, si umepewa?

Hao wengine ni wezi, we are talking about those wamepewa na they have taken a while, sio kila other weekend unaenda huko.

Check out some of the responses of netizens who had their own opinions on the matter.

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