‘I will not support the Punguza Mzigo Bill’ John Mbadi

Photo: ODM Chairperson John Mbadi /courtesy

ODM Chairperson John Mbadi has vowed not to support the ‘Punguza Mzigo’ Initiative which is sponsored by Thirdway Alliance Party led by Dr Ekuru Aukot.

Speaking to a local TV station, The National Assembly Minority leader has boldly stated that Ekuru Aukot wasted his efforts to collect over 1 Million signatures which were approved by IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati.

Photo: Thirdway Alliance Leader Ekuru Aukot/courtesy

Mbadi has claimed that Aukot is trying to hoodwink Kenyans with that ‘Punguza Mzigo’ Initiative.

Mbadi has said that scrapping the leadership position will not reduce the wage bill as purported in the Punguza Mzigo Bill.

“Aukot is trying to hoodwink us. That Punguza Mzigo is equal to reducing the size of Parliament and removing the position of Deputy Governors. A smaller Parliament may be more wasteful with all these facilities around,” Mbadi said.

But Mbadi has lifted the blame to The Executive terming it as the major contributor to the ballooning wage bill.

Parliament’s budget is just sh39.8b in a year. Reducing the size of “Parliament is not going to reduce the wage bill significantly. The wage bill in Kenya is contributed most by Executive. For as long as the Executive remains intact, you won’t have done much,” Mbadi retorted.

Furthermore, Mbadi has to defend the addition of some leadership positions. Mbadi has argued that for the purposes of inclusivity, it is not wrong for the country to add positions of a Prime Minister- two deputies.

“I don’t think creating the position of a Prime Minister- two deputies, is going to expand the Executive. Kenyans need inclusivity in Government,” Mbadi claimed.

Mbadi has gone ahead to hurl personal attacks at Aukot claiming that he wanted to gain some popularity and that the media gave him that by putting his name on top newspaper pages.

“It is not for nothing, Aukot has enjoyed some level of popularity. He has gone as far as he could have gone. He has been on almost all newspapers- on the front page,” Mbadi said.


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