Have a broken heart? Here’s why that rebound guy will benefit you


Wait, let us explain…

Listen, before you sit down and give us the clap back for the centuries, some of these are valid points. Just take a step back, read, absorb and try to find the lie in this foolproof list on rebounds. They are really good for you. We promise.

1. They help prevent a reunion with your ex

Excuse me, who are you thinking of going back to? Guuuurl, you better call back that cute guy from your apartment building that has been smiling and waving hello for the last 5 months. Which ex? Who? We don’t know who this person. Once you said boy bye and it shall remain just that…BOY.BYE!

4 Reasons Rebound Relationships Are Good For You

2. They make you feel more confident

We are not going to slouch around in our pajamas while eating cookies and a 2 kg of ice cream. No please. There is nothing quite like flirting with someone who is clearly interested in you after a break-up. Dress up, beat that face into submission and go out and dance and flirt. That boy isn’t worth putting on 5 kgs via crying and stress eating. No ma’am.

4 Reasons Rebound Relationships Are Good For You

3. Stops you from obsessing about your ex

You left for a reason. There is absolutely no reason for you to think about mans again. Right? Right. Go out to dinner with that guy who has been “jokingly” asking for the longest. It will get your mind Mr. Ex boyfriend and you get a good time out of it.

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4. There is value in a non-serious relationship

if you’ve always been an extreme one-man woman, and spend a lot of time at the end of each break-up wondering how you’ll ever find a new person to love, hooking up with a person that you know won’t be part of your long-term future can help keep you from making long-term mistakes — like rushing into a too-serious relationship with someone not well-suited to you, out of fear and apprehension.

Rebounds have a bad reputation, but they are definitely something to look at again and consider. They help more than they hurt so why not try it and see.

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