Ruto Reveals Why He Has Been So Reluctant to Publicly Declare His Net Worth

Deputy President William Ruto.PHOTO/ COURTESY

Deputy President William Ruto’s net worth has for a while been a subject on public interest given the manner with which he has accumulated a lot of wealth over the past few years.

A number of politicians especially from the opposition have been calling for his lifestyle audit with some daring him to publicly declare his wealth.

The second-in-command now says that he is not about to so as a number of those interested in his wealth are out to use it for malice as they have been spreading fake news on the property he owns.

“I declared my wealth as required by law. If you want to know what wealth I have, apply and you will be very surprised. There is fake news, oh he owns Intercontinental, Hotel 680, Boulevard! It is fake!”

He went on to declare that those still interested in his wealth details should apply to have them as the law requires.

” If the necessary legislation is enacted to declare wealth publicly, I will be the first one in the queue. There are people who want to use malice,” said Ruto.

While commenting on Jubilee’s involvement in corruption, the DP rubbished claims that up to a third of the Kenyan budget was getting wasted in corruption.

This Follows claims by Opposition Chief Raila Odinga that Kenya loses up to 800 billion to corrupt individuals on an annual basis.

“When someone claims that Sh800 billion has been lost to corruption, what are they saying? Out revenue collection is about Sh1.45 trillion; we pay salaries of about Sh700 billion. Are they saying that after paying salaries nothing else is done?” Ruto posed.

He added; “The problem is when people bring propaganda. The best way to fight corruption is by removing the falsehoods and actually fighting corruption,” Ruto said.

Ruto said that if Kenya was not winning the war on corruption, there would not have been the kind of development and progress we are seeing.


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