Robert Alai’s mysterious mail revealing how DPP’s office is hiding ‘criminals’

Photo: Robert Alai/courtesy

Blogger Robert Alai has confidently faced The Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji telling him that he will not be silenced.

According to Robert Alai, The Director of Public Prosecution office is trying to silence him basing on an anonymous mail he received back in 2018 that paints how the office his corrupt.

“Maybe the Office of Director of Public Prosecution should start from within itself and clean itself. Knowing that I received this email made ODPP look for any charge to silence me. You are really trying to silence the wrong person. CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. It’s CORRUPT!!!! Ask Noordin what he is doing about this,” Robert Alai posted on Twitter.

According to the email which was sent to Alai back on 15th November,2018, it reveals how the office of DPP is shelving corrupt individuals.

Photo: Director Of Criminal Prosecution Noordin Haji/courtesy

According to the email, the sender mentions a lady Judge hearing both Governor Obado’s and Jacque Maribe’s case as being corrupt who is usually paid to overstep on proper justice process.

The letter reveals that Noordin Haji personal assistance was involved in concealing some of the evidence obtained from the Rio Olympics scandal but still holds the office.

The mysterious letter also reveals how Keriako Tobiko who is the Former Head of Public Prosecution awarded big post to his close allies who were mentioned in major graft cases. The specific person being mentioned is Prosecutor Warui.

The Purported letter goes ahead to castigate Keriako Tobiko who paved way for Noordin Haji by mentioning Prosecutor Alex Muteti who is believed to have been flying with Suitcases full of money meant for Former DPP Keriako Tobiko.  Alex Muteti is alleged to have been mentioned by FBI in The Akasha Case. The Akasha brothers mentioned a list of powerful corrupt individuals who are implicated in the their drug scandal.

Photo; Former DPP Keriako Tobiko/courtesy

Furthermore the letter unmask rogue individuals who are hiding in DPP offices. The anonymous sender mentions the then Head of Public Prosecution in Kitale Christopher Abele as rogue advocate who stole from his client and was barred from practicing law but he is hiding in DPP’s office. It goes ahead to mention Edna Sudi who is a most wanted person by CID but she is hiding in DPP’s offices.

Alai has since told DPP Noordin Haji to clean the mess in his office before trying to silence him.

Here is the mail shared by Robert Alai detailing how the office of Director of Public Prosecution is corrupt.




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