New mothers gather around, this is an intervention

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No, we are not here to see cute photos of your baby ThankYouVeryMuch (although they are super cute!). We are here to talk about some crazy things you do as a new mom that baffle us all.

1.The Creepy Hover mom

OMG chill. Please go back to bed. It is super creepy that you are standing over your perfectly healthy child watching them sleep when you should be sleeping yourself. Not sleeping isn’t healthy and causes stress and low milk production.

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Verdict: Enda uka lale!

2.Special diet mom

Surely, a bag of crisps will not hurt you. Eating bland and boring food may help if you have a child with colic, but if the baby is fine then you should TREAT YOSELF!

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Verdict: Stop boring yourself to death with bland food. Eat yummy food that will make you happy.

3.Doctor mom

Sometimes babies cough, sneeze and fart really loudly. It is normal. Take a deep breath, put down doctor google and stop trying to diagnose your child with the bubonic plague sis.

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Verdict: Let’s just never google every disease ok? Let’s call the doctor only when the baby has a fever or is seriously ill.

4. Sterile conditions mom

How is your kid going to develop an immune system if they live in a bleached and sterile environment? A little spill or dirt will not kill the baby. We promise.

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Verdict: Put down the bleach and step away from the floor that you have scrubbed for the 3rd time today, ok?

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