Never be afraid to ask these 4 vital questions during a first date

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Honestly in this generation, it’s so hard to know the truth about people especially when it comes to relationships. And we don’t blame people.

We’ve heard of cases where weddings are stopped because a certain man decided to have a clande who may/ may not had any idea that he was infact betrothed to another woman.

We’ve heard of cases where women hoard a list of upto even 10 men with whom they are in relatioonships with. It happens. It’s life as it is now, so what can we do?

If you still believe in love and honesty (God bless your soul), these are the questions you must ask a man when you meet on the very first date.

1. When was your last relationship?

Before getting into anything serious, you always have to know where his mind lies.

questions to ask on a first date
2. What qualities are you looking for in a partner?

This is just to make sure you’re compatible with each other in the first place, not so that you fit into his specifications.

questions you should ask on a first date
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3. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is basically asking yourself whether he is even worth spending any time on in the first place.

dating questions you should ask on the first date
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4. What’s your religion?

This is actually pretty solid, because more often than not, most people clash over their religions at some point, if he doesn’t believe in God and you do, what does this mean to you?

questions you need to ask on your first date
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Ask all the questions you need to ask without the fear of chasing him away because this is an elimination process where you’re the main judge.

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