Ladies, here’s why you smell like fish

Tips To Make Sure Your Vagina Smells And Tastes Good, Zumi Kenya

The reasons why your coochie is smelling is not that complicated. Sometimes you just don’t need reasons like yeast infections and infections as a diagnosis although sometimes it’s really a bacterial infection. At the end of the day, hygiene and what you eat really plays a big role in how your vagina smells. See if these reasons make sense for you.

1. You leave your tampon on for too long 

Some women have been in situations where they forget that they have a tampon on and end up having sex pushing the tampon back into the cervix. This would eventually lead to a bacterial infection however even leaving a tampon on for too long can lead to a weird smell.

why your vagina smells
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2. You have a bacterial infection

Such as bacterial vaginosis is caused by excessive growth of bacteria. It is always bad when the Ph in your vagina is unbalanced, this throws off the pH of your vagina and can create a bad, fishy odor in the process. It mostly happens to women who are sexually active and women who douche.

why your coochie smells
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3. You ate something funky 

There is no real evidence that states that your nutrition affects your scent but as a fact it has something to do with your scent. You’ve probably heard that eating pineapple or citrus fruits can make you smell sweeter down there, and that fried foods can make you stinky. If you find that your normal scent is off and you know you recently ate a bunch of crappy foods, try switching to more whole foods and see where it gets you. Visit your doctor in case of anything.

why your coochie is smelling
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4. You had sex without a condom

You might notice things smell a little different down there after sex, which makes sense. You’ve got your fluids mixing with another person’s fluids, and maybe some sweat, too. Plus, semen has an elevated pH which obviously changes everything. Typically, the smell will clear up on its own within a day or so, or after you shower but if it persists, call your doctor.

why your coochie is smelling
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5. You’re on your period 

You’ve probably found that things smell a little more intensely down there when you’re bleeding, and that’s normal. Blood has an elevated pH, and that can throw your vaginal flora off a little during your period. Usually, it’s not a huge change in scent and it goes away once your period wraps up


If you have a smelly coochie you need to evaluate your situation, see how long the smell stays and if it persists you need to visit a gynecologist.

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