Henry Rotich Arrest! War of Words Between Oscar Sudi and Ngunjiri Wambugu

Photo; Oscar Sudi MP kapseret/courtesy

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has hit back at Ngunjiri Wambugu for savagely trolling him following the arrest of Treasury CS Henry Rotich and his PS Kamau Thugge. Ngunjiri attacked Sudi basing on his ingrained tendency of calling the Press to defend his fellow Tribesmen.

Photo: Ngunjiri Wambugu MP Nyeri Town/courtesy

According to Ngunjiri, Sudi was preparing to call a press conference to defend Rotich and term the latest arrest as a target to the Kalenjin community.

Ngunjiri has gone ahead made fun of Oscar Sudi’s mother-tongue influence in the pronunciation of words.

“Sisi kama Fiongosi wa ponde la ufa” Ngunjiri sarcastically attacked Sudi.

But Oscar Sudi has not allowed that hard tackle to sink. Sudi has claimed that he cannot waste time to respond to Ngunjiri. Sudi has sharply compared Ngunjiri’s yapping as those from Women Reps. In street language, he has claimed that “Ngunjiri akona Umama.” 

“I don’t respond to inconsequential busy bodies. Women MPs will do their work in responding to one of their own.Lanes,” Sudi stated.

CS Henry Rotich and PS PS Kamau Thugge on Monday surrendered themselves to the Director of Criminal Investigations after DPP Noordin Haji called for their arrest over the Kimwarer and Arror dams scandal.

Rotich and Thugge are among the 28 people and entities implicated in the Sh21 billion scandal. The Rift Valley Leaders have always defended their fellow Tribesmen in connection with this multi-million Dam Scandal.

The Deputy President is on record defending the figures in question. He boldly stated that 7 Billion is the only amount missing other than the 21 Billion which DPP is thriving to recover.

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