#FirstClassBetrayal: Graduates flock Twitter crying foul over unemployment

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Citizen TV on Sunday featured a well-learned fellow, Kelvin Ochieng’, crowned and creamed from the University of Nairobi with a Magna Cum Laude degree in Actuarial Science. To his detriment, the 2017 graduate has since never been employed.

Instead, he was found to be a car cleaner, grappling to earn a living and barely making it.

A good Samaritan, Christopher Oloo, one day saw him sleeping on the streets and took him in. They live together in Kosovo, Mathare slums according to the Citizen feature.

Kelvin’s story warmed the hearts of many, attracting job offers from some of Kenya’s renowned organizations and persons.

He has reportedly received about 20 job offers after his story was aired.

However, Kelvin’s story is pretty much a drop in the ocean, if we are to consider the number of unemployed graduates in the country.

According to a Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) report in 2018, 7million Kenyans were unemployed with 1.4 million out of this figure desperately looking for jobs.

The outcome of Kelvin’s story bore with it numerous unemployed graduates, some with just as excellent academic reports but no jobs to show for it;


This, of course, had to come with a few elements making fun of the situation.

The plight of unemployed and qualified graduates went on a roll, as some of the victims revealed that they had applied up to 500 jobs in vain.

The jokers were on their part also relentless.

Meanwhile, a section of Kenyans online also took to bashing the A students, warning that “no one promised them a job”.

What say you, do you think excellent academic papers automatically entitle one to a good job, or simply any job for that matter?

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