FDC Blast Museveni’s Early 2021 Presidential Campaigns

FDC Spokes person and Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda

The Forum for Democratic Party has on Monday blasted President Museveni’s 2021 early Campaigns which he disguises as Preaching the gospel of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC). Museveni has been on country wide tours in different parts of Uganda where he has met local leaders from LC one’s to Members of Parliament.

While Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankubi in Uganda’s Capital Kampala, Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda the party spokesperson down poured Museveni’s intended messages in the OWC campaigns which he has turned into 2021 presidential campaigns as he has always been endorsed by the different regional leaders for his Sole Candidature deal which traded since being endorsed by the party Central Executive committee (CEC) at Chobe Safari Lodge early this year and later at Kyankwanzi retreat in March this year.

“The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is concerned with the amount of taxpayers’ money, 74 year old Mr. Museveni is/has spent on tours whose unstated aim is creation of a poor and vulnerable population dependent on handouts from a permanently vote seeking ruler” read part of the Press release.

FDC however accuses Museveni for allocating himself a whole Shs 31.6 billion for inland travel under vote 002 (State House) during the financial year 2018, he processed through Parliament an additional Shs 17.5 billion to specifically finance his tours they have called “useless campaign tours”.

Therefore President Museveni has spent Shs 17.5 billion touring the country under the guise of promoting Wealth Creation where he even passed supplementary request in May 2019 asking for Shs 15.7 billion for classified expenditure under his residence.

The party spokesperson also noted with concern that ever since the declaration of Operation wealth creation on 9th June 2014, the project has been as disastrous as all the earlier campaign slogans such as Entandiikwa, Modernization of Agriculture and Prosperity for All (Bonna Baggagawale). This is because the aim was never to help the population out of poverty but today, more than 70% of the population is still producing for the stomach (subsistence).It has only uplifting the first family.

“Not surprising that Museveni himself and his brother Gen. Salim Saleh, commander of Operation Poverty Creation disguised as Wealth Creation are some of the few most successful farmers the regime has created in the last three and half decades” reads The press release.

Ssemunju Nganda also reveals that farmers in Uganda have perennially complained about limited access to credit for production, lack of water for production, limited access to market, poor and inadequate storage and processing facilities leading to poor-harvest management and he wondered how the president used Shs 33.2 billion in is 3 month countrywide tours is enough to open up an agricultural bank for farmers.


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