KOT Hilariously Nominates Lonyangapuo For Laugh Festival 3


PHOTO COURTESY Governor Lonyangapuo

Kenyans nominate Governor Lonyangapuo for Laugh Festival 3.

West Pokot County Governor John Lonyangapuo has won the hearts of many Kenyans over his perceived funny remarks when addressing the public.

In March there is one video that went viral featuring Lonyangapuo hilariously describing former county MCA  as  “Kijana fupi, amenona, round; huwezi jua tumbo ni wapi, mgongo ni wapi…”

His words took social media by storm and left Netizens in stitches every time the clip was played. Well, the clip led to the unearthing of many more funny remarks by the Governor, which went trending on social media for a number of weeks.

Some people compiled the funny clips into a complete video. Take a look!

Now the president of Comedy Churchill Ndambuki posted a question on social media asking KOT on who would emerge the funniest if we were to pit all the politicians in laugh festival season3.

If we were to pit all Kenyan Politicians, who would emerge the funniest of all?

Netizens hilariously voted Governor John Lonyangapuo as the funniest politician. Take a look!

“Mulmulwaaz” Lanyangapuo

“Mulmulwaaz” Lanyangapuo


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