How to make a smart car purchase while on a budget

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For starters, you have to decide if a car is really a need, once you’re sure that this is what you want these tips for buying a brand new car will come in handy. Of course, for a first car, you want something that won’t wear you down and drain you financially. If you’re working with a tight budget you definitely have to take time to plan and workout which brand serves you best. Hopefully, these tips will help you.

1. Do your research and know which model holds value 

There are some cars you get thinking they will serve you for a long time but then instead you get a car that will devalue over time. Get a car that when you sell it, it will still get you some good money. Some models shed cash quicker than others, meaning you’ll get a lot less when you come to sell it later so do your research.

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2. Understand the reason you want a car 

Having a car is a great convenience, it just makes life easier because you probably don’t need to keep ordering for cabs or use matatus at night. If you have the right amount of money and you have kids or a business idea then you should plan to get a car.

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3. How much will it cost you?

This is very important, most people forget that maintaining a car is one of the most expensive things to do. You have to think of the fuel cost, servicing, are the spare parts easy to get? is it cheap? One of the most budget-friendly cars to get in Kenya is the Renault Kwid.

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4. Start saving and planning 

If it is a priority for you, you need to start saving. Open a bank account that is a fixed account and let them know what your aim is so that you can reach your goal faster. Even if you get to put as little as 3k it’s a good goal to have.

how to get a car on tight budget
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5. Get a car loan if you really need a car 

I am usually against getting a loan unnecessarily unless you know that what you’re getting a loan for is going to get you profit. For example, you can get a car for a cab business so at least you will be making money and be able to pay back. As well as that the most efficient and cost-friendly car to buy I would suggest a Renault Kwid as a brand new one is about a million.


A car becomes a need when you find yourself using more money on cabs and transport.

If you live too far or you have children it would also make sense to start saving for one or getting a loan, I would advise you to get a loan only if you whatever you’re left with from your salary makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

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