Foods you should absolutely avoid if you don’t want to ruin your first date

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The guy you’ve been crushing on finally asked you out and you’re over the moon. He’s opted to take you for the classic dinner and a movie, great! Now the dilemma, what to order that’ll be filling, but not make you bloated, not leave you hungry, and keep you looking cute. So many questions! We got you. Here are some foods to avoid on the first date.

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Ugali is notorious for one thing, bringing on a serious case of the itis. That is, it makes you hella sleepy! Avoid finding yourself dozing off while he’s telling you about his uni days. You want to be responsive and engaged on a first date, and ugali could have the opposite effect.

foods you must not order on your first date
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2. Pasta

Listen, pasta is life; it’s one of the most delicious things out there but the thing about pasta is, it’s super filling. That’s what cyclists eat to carbo-load before a big race. Unless you’re planning to ride (not him) a few kilometers after your date, the pasta will leave you feeling bloated and full. You’ll find yourself wishing for your couch, and not in the sexy way where you’re on it with him. This will be more of the ‘why the hell did I eat so much’ couch laying. You don’t want that feeling on a first date.

Image result for Pasta3.Anything with garlic

This may sound obvious, but the delicious pull of tasty garlic often gets the best of us. We all know the deal with garlic though, it’s the most delicious but also the smelliest. Eating garlic on your date will rule out any kissing or any other kind of closeness, and where’s the fun in that?

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A first date should be fun and exciting but ordering the wrong thing could ruin it for you both.

Avoid a few foods and you could be enjoying the night away with your new boo.

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