Netizens worried over Ruto’s doomed projects that never takeoff

Picha inayohusianaIn 2013, former Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission chairman Mumo Matemu blew the whistle against a scheme that that could cost the country millions of shillings to ghost projects.
In his list of most affected agencies were county governments.

Five years later Kenyans have taken to the social media to roast the deputy president for launching ghost projects around the country, a fact that is yet to be verified.

Kenyan netizens have accused the deputy president of the much-anticipated projects which he has been launching in different parts of the country but end up stalling.

Kenyans have been anxious to learn the reason for the slow pace of some development projects launched by Deputy President William Ruto even as his allies defend him.

Social media users posted a plaque of the alleged stalled projects some dating back to  2016 but have not taken off.






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