ODM secretary general warned to be careful what he wishes for

Several thousand people have taken to the social media calling for the resignation of ODM’s secretary-general, Edwin Sifuna, who is enmeshed in his own words when he claimed that he would resign if third-way alliance party gathered one million votes in support of the ‘punguza mzigo’ initiative.

Sifuna had in a televised morning show claimed that it was impossible for the third way alliance to collect a million votes and further predicted its failure by comparing it to the Okoa Kenya by the ODM which failed terribly.

Edwin Sifuna thought Aukot can’t raise a million signatures for #PunguzaMzigo.

To Sifunas’ surprise, the initiative met the requirements of Article 257 of the constitution which states that an amendment to the Constitution may be proposed by a popular initiative signed by at least one million registered voters.

The online petition demanding Sifuna’s resignation has gained steam, after reports by the IEBC confirmed that the popular initiative by Third Way Alliance leader Ekuru Aukot had been supported by 1,222,541 registered voters.Tokeo la picha la iebc chebukati

“This is therefore to notify the public and all the stakeholders that the initiative had met the requisite threshold as required by the said Article 257 (4) of the Constitution,” said IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati.

The initiative is expected to receive a major boost from the senators as one of the proposals seeks to elevate the Senate to be an upper House with veto powers to check the National Assembly.

On the other hand, the Bill has proposed goodies to the devolved units that are overseen by the MCAs and senators, including retention of the 1,450 wards, which it recognises as the primary units of accelerated development.


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