Boychild Hilariously React after Tycoon Chandaria Set Standard with 3K Wedding

PHOTO COURTESY Manu Chandaria During their wedding on 19th July 2019

The marriage of Billionaire Manu Chandaria 90 and his wife Aruna Chadaria 85, has received mixed reactions from many people. The two exchanged vows at the Attorney General office in Sheria House Nairobi.

The business Mogul officiated the marriage after living happily with his wife for 64 years and they are still in love. During the ceremony, Manu Chandaria was seen kissing his wife lovingly something that has evoked hilarious reactions from Boychild on Twitter.

PHOTO COURTESY ManuChandaria kissing his wife Aruna

Now men have come out comparing current relationships with Manu’s union with his wife Aruna Chandaria. The boychild rejoices over having found an excuse to keep the girl child as a wife without having to worry about the wedding.

Here is what KOT say

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Other people made it their business to troll people who love calling for wedding fundraisers for their extreme wedding budgets. Citing that Manu only spends less than Ksh. 4000 on formalizing his wedding, they feel that middle-class people should not set high budgets for their weddings.

Manu Chandaria and his wife got married back on April 30, 1955, in an informal wedding that was very simple in Mombasa at Visa Oshwal Centre.  At this time, Manu was 24 and Aruna was 21.

Simple wedding of Manu Chandaria and Aruna Chandaria in 1955

After marriage, Aruna became a housewife who worked smart to build her home. In a previous interview, Chandaria revealed that his wife developed her hobbies while at home which included cooking, tapestry, and growing orchids.






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