That awkward moment when the bedroom session becomes boring

“Have you cum yet?” This is lady speak for, “damn dude, you’re still going? We need to wrap this up.” Sometimes, though not as often as we’d like, women orgasm a lot sooner than their partner. When you’ve reached your destination, multiple times and he still has a ways to go, it can get tiring or even painful but there are ways to work around it. Here are a few

1.Lube it up

Ladies, a lubricant is your friend. Lube can help make sex more enjoyable for both parties. It keeps things smooth during intercourse so you won’t experience chaffing and hopefully reduced tenderness. Lube should be applied before penetration, and can even be used during foreplay, get him to put it on you for some added fun. Lube will help keep you comfortable for those long sessions.

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2.Stick a finger up his butt

Wait! Don’t scroll past this, hear me out on this one, ladies! It’s long been heralded that the male G spot is located in the prostate area in the anus. It’s biology. Stimulation of the prostate gland can result in the most intense orgasm of his life. Most men may not have tried this so don’t surprise him, be respectful and ask first. Use that lube to help you hit his G spot with ease.  If this is something your man is open to it could be a sure-fire to bring him to orgasm, not to mention give you points for your sexual prowess. No, before he even asks, it’s not gay.

nicki minaj wow GIF3.Consent Counts

When it comes to sex, consent is everything. Remember, you can revoke consent at anytime. You could be in the middle of sex and feel you want him to stop, that’s ok. He should stop when you ask.  You don’t need to put yourself through painful or uncomfortable sex in the name of making sure he orgasms. Follow your instinct and don’t be afraid to express discomfort or ask him to stop. A good man will understand.

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While the vagina may be strong, like any muscle, she has her limits.

There are things you can do to keep the sex to a comfortable length for you and remember it’s ok to ask him to stop anytime during sex.

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