Kenya police seize $10 m fake cash in the agency’s biggest bust ever

Detectives from the special crimes unit have seized a record KSh 10 million in counterfeit dollars in the biggest haul of fake US cash ever by the Kenyan detectives. The operation was the result of a nationwide investigation focused on criminal organizations based in the country that have been running fake currency syndicates.

The stash was discovered when detectives from the DCI along with regular police carried out a search in a tip-off operation that led to the arrest of three people in Fedha Estate, Embakasi the agency said in a statement.

The Kenyan government has become a valuable partner the efforts to combat counterfeit currency in east Africa.

The three; Joshua Odhiambo (19 yrs), Jane Ogenda (20 yrs) & Dickson Ombaso (27 yrs) were also found in possession of a fake motor vehicle number plate and an IPad labelled GOK. Police said the three were placed in custody awaiting arraignment.

Corruption and crime have become high-profile concerns in Kenya. Police have been working round the clock to neutralize a complex web of deception run by groups of local and international crooks that have set up a thriving enterprise in Nairobi, which is minting billions by luring gullible investors who want to cut corners to multiply their riches.Tokeo la picha la fake cash kenya 2019
The racket, according to the standard media investigations revealed that the syndicate is run by crooked police officers, fast-talking wheeler-dealers, immigration officers, bankers, high-end hotels and judicial officers, who share the billions scammed from victims drawn from as far as America.
So intricate is the web that an estimated 20 MPs are raking in millions of shillings from counterfeit money and gold, some of which have been stashed in secure safe boxes rented out from conniving bankers.



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