Here’s how a woman’s body is phenomenal in so many ways

These incredible things women’s bodies do will blow your mind. We are basically supernatural beings and perhaps some men are just here to steal our powers. I have always believed that men and women deserve the same opportunities in all areas of life but it is a fact that we are biologically different. We sometimes try to stretch ourselves to show men how amazing we are but there’s no need because this list can confirm that we are even better biologically.

1. Women have a better memory

A study took place where women’s memories were tested and they seemed to remember events better than men. The women also remembered people’s faces quicker than men and the reason was that women are more emotional than men.

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Image: My Medical Mantra
2. Women listen with both side of their brains 

Men and women actually listen differently. When research was done it turned out that men only listened with the left side of their brain. This is not to say that women are better listeners but when they do, they happen to be more attentive. Girls usually speak sooner than boys and learn to read faster than boys.

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Image: Steemit
3. Women’s bodies can harmonize during periods

Ever been around too many girls and then all of a sudden your cycles sync? A woman’s hormones can do more than just making someone moody, your period cycle can also keep you in tune with your schedule, moods and body changes. Many women who live together find that their periods begin to regulate and occur around the same time.

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4. Women give birth 

As much as this is very obvious I don’t think women take this seriously enough. Like giving life is such a big deal, your body goes through so many changes. It’s mind-boggling to think about a whole human (or larger!) baby squeezing through such a narrow passageway. Women (with some important help) literally create human life, nurture it and allow it to enter this world. Isn’t that great?

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5. Women can outlive men

Yes, we generally outlive men because we mostly take care of ourselves. Women are said to live 5 years longer than men also because women are daredevils or as risky as men are. We are basically more careful and tend to take extra care of ourselves.

Women’s bodies are special whether you have given birth or not, whether small or big the fact that you’re a woman just means you have similar struggles like any other woman especially body insecurities, menstruation and other emotional complications.

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