Comfort is allowed, just not to the extent of ‘kujiachilia’

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Most women dress up because of men, they want recognition but not for themselves. Then finally you get into a relationship and people start telling you “umejiachilia sana” they could be right, sadly this could be too true. As women, we sometimes fail to love ourselves enough to actually take care of ourselves. But there are definite signs you’ve let yourself go.

1. You don’t take care of your body

You used to worry about what you would eat, how your body looks and now you don’t care. You eat everything and anything, don’t take time to workout and mostly let yourself go.

signs you've let yourself go
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2. You don’t care enough to dress up 

I understand that you may not be too interested in dressing up but the least you could do is try and look decent. Wear clothes that are fitting and bright to make you look good.

signs you've let yourself go
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3. You wear advert tee shirts 

Those Safaricom tee shirts just need to be let go off sometimes. If you wear them to bed with your man all the time or even walk around in promotional tee shirts this is just a major sign that you have let yourself go.

signs you have let yourself go
4. Your hair is always messy or smelly 

The texture of your hair is in dire need of some treatment. You don’t go for your regular salon appointment you just do a push back and live life, do you know how much better you would look if you just did your hair?

signs you have let yourself go
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You need to care for yourself, not because of a relationship or because of anyone else.

When you build yourself you become more confident which then means you also attract the right people in your life.

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