Tanga Tanga Senator Attacks Kanze Dena, Kenyans teach him a lesson

Photo: StateHouse Spokesperson Kanze Dena during the past media briefing/courtesy

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruyoit has found himself in a loud and messy situation after unleashing his wrath on State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena. The Tangatanga politician warned  Dena to stop commenting on Jubilee issues.

Photo: Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruyoit during the past function/courtesy

“But Kanze Dena has serious competency lapses in her role as Statehouse spokesperson. Somebody advise her to keep off commenting on Jubilee Party issues. Her understanding therein is that of a nun on mosque issues,” Cheruiyot said.

These harsh sentiments have bounced back on the Kericho Senator who is among the top leaders pushing for the unity of Jubilee Party.

The senator might have failed to consult his second thought before saying such harsh words.

Can you stop President Uhuru Kenyatta from commenting on Jubilee affairs? Absolutely no. The senator has been schooled that Kanze Dena speaks on behalf of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

A Twitter user by the name Didmus Ombuya has asked The Senator to come straight and state if he is, in other words, telling Uhuru to stop commenting on Jubilee affairs.

“What in other words you are saying, Uhuru should keep off commenting on Jubilee matters,” he asked.

Senator Cheruyoit sentiments have messed the entire Tangatanga battalion. Joseph Keter another social media user has claimed that Team Tangatanga is creating enemies everywhere.

“Tangatanga are seeing enemies everywhere. The last kicks of a dying thief,”Joseph Keter claimed.

In a new twist, Senator Cheruyoit has been asked to lobby other URP members and quit Jubilee party.

“Are you trying to address the party leader? Tuju is going nowhere…. If URP is fed up …the door is open… We are completing the journey with UK, Referendum and Tuju!” Kigiri told off Senator Cheruyoit on the face.


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