Moses Kuria Reveals Referendum Dates

Gatundu South MP Mose Kuria.PHOTO/COURTESY

The next referendum will be held on 9th August 2022, Moses Kuria has said. The date coincides with the general elections and Kuria says the referendum will be the seventh ballot.

According to the controversial Gatundu South MP, we can’t be disrupting our lives in the midterm to hold referenda.

“We CAN NOT be interrupting our lives in the mid-terms to hold referenda. You want to change the constitution anytime to suit your whims? Fine, but wait for every 5 years to do so.” Reads Part of a Post on Kuria’s Facebook Page.

Kuria agrees that there is a need for a referendum to scrap off some political positions like nominated MCAs and Women Reps but we should wait for 2022.

“I agree we need to remove the 1,000 nominated MCAs, Scrap the women rep positions and remove the Senate,” He said.

There has been a lot of conversation about the referendum in recent weeks. IEBC has already started the process of verifying more than one million signatures collected by Ekuro Aukot’s Third Way Alliance under the Punguza Mzigo Bill.

Once done with verification, the bill will be passed to County Assemblies for Approval It will only require the backing of at least 24 counties to propel it to the next crucial stage. But it will be the end of the road for the Bill should majority of the county assemblies vote to reject it.

The Bill advocates the reduction of the number of MPs from the current 416 to 147, caps monthly salaries of elected leaders to a maximum pay of Sh500,000 for the president and Sh300,000 for MPs, as well as increasing counties’ share of national revenue from 15 per cent to at least 35 per cent.

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