We pity your Sunday School Teacher, Netizens Fry Oscar Sudi

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Oscar Sudi with his Sunday School teacher Priscilla Tanui together with her husband Hoseah Tanui at his Kapseret home. Photo/Courtesy

On Monday, Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi took to his Social Media account to hail his childhood Sunday school teacher who had paid him a courtesy visit at his Eldoret home.

Through the post, Sudi boasted of how was brought up well through strong Christian teachings and that the virtues instilled in him by her Sunday teacher had helped him a lot in relating with the rest of Kenyans.


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According to the post, Sudi who is a vocal MP known for his frequent use of vulgar language in public and dirty way of doing politics said that when he was in church as a child, he was taught how to love other people, to give and to always be thankful.

“I was delighted to host my Sunday School teacher Priscilla Tanui together with her husband Hoseah Tanui at my Kapseret home. I thank her for the selfless role in serving the society especially on how she spiritually nurtured me. She taught me how to give, care and cherish. We should always learn to be grateful to those who played key roles in our past.” Posted Sudi

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, tree, table, outdoor and nature

Sudi had posted photos of himself and Ms. Tanui whom he claimed to be his Sunday school teacher.

However, not all Facebook users were pleased with Sonko’s post with others finding it satirical questioning where he inherited his dirty political talks from if indeed he was raised in a Christian way. Here are some of the reactions from some users online;

Dedan Omondi Mhesh i pity your Sunday school teacher!

Shocks Junior Someone who had a Sunday school teacher does not insult others let alone in the full glare of national media. Anyway si kila unalofunzwa na mwalimu hufwatwa

Korir CK Did she also taught you how to insult coz you are the best in it?

Moha Nurk Wat abt ur class four teacher.ama haukufika huko.

Nyakwar Seda So she is the one who also taught how to disrespect your elders like Raila ….mwalimu bure kabisa

Pepe Noel Yogo So she taught you the word “ukumbafu”. You can never say a word without including ” kumbafu”. Pengine alikua akiwaambia “hey Sudi, kumbafu fungua bibilia utusomee”

Isaac K Too Oooh, even drug barons appreciates Sunday school teachers? Did she thought you on how to sell drugs? You will be charged Mr. Mandrax

Kirongon Shadrack “spiritually natured”? Am I seeing an irony or i am not good in English

Silvester T. Kiptek Na pombe miingi ni ya nini, na ulipitia Sunday school?. Reduce pombe. Sawsawa. Na ougoke Na utupu dhambi mingi. And I will forgive yo






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