Interesting Facts about Ex-TV star Esther Arunga

Esther Arunga and her Husband Quincy Timberlake at launch for their party.

Former television journalist Esther Arunga has admitted that she lied to the court on the circumstances surrounding her son’s death five years ago. Arunga says she lied so as to cushion her husband Quincy Timberlake against the law.

Arunga had told the police the boy fell before his death. However, an autopsy report showed that the child was hit by some force, which was not consistent with the argument she had presented when quizzed over the circumstances behind his demise.

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She confessed that she was not ready to see her husband in jail. The journalist also alluded that the man was sick during the time the son died. She admitted to lying to Australian police over what caused the death of her son, Sinclair Timberlake, in order to protect her husband, Quincy Timberlake.

“I was terrified of being alone and I felt terrible because my husband was sick as well.”

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Esther Arunga and Joseph Hellon

Much would be said about Esther but nobody knows what really transpired from her quitting her job and the mysterious happenings in her life. Below are a few facts you probably never knew about Arunga;

  • Esther was once a renowned TV Queen at KTN.

  • Joseph Hellon who owns the finger of God claimed to be Esther’s trainer and mentor.

  • Ms Arunga is an alumnus of Kenya High School and a lawyer by profession & not a journalist. She was simply a newscaster with KTN.

  • Quincy and Esther got married in 2010 and relocated to Australia.

  • Hellon who owns the finger of God was a distant relative to Arunga. He is alleged to have connected Arunga to Quincy.

  • Quincy Zuma Wambiti Timberlake was alleged to make music with K- rupt but disappeared after his death and only to re-appear later.

  • They both sired a son Sinclair Timberlake who was killed by Quincy at 3 yrs.

  • In August 2010, Arunga was set to get married to one Wilson Malaba with whom they had dated for a year and hell broke loose. Her wedding got cancelled and was hooked with Quincy

  • Other artistes who went to the finger of God with Arunga included; Debbie Asila, Big Kev, Angela Ndambuki, Big Ted.

  • Esther was set to be Hellon’s running mate for 2012 elections, with Hellon being the President.

As always netizens were terrified by the news that Arunga might be sentenced. Here were their reactions;

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