How to tell that he ain’t gonna put a ring on it anytime soon


The main reason why we women date is in a bid to find someone to actually settle down with and build a future around. We fantasize having that dream wedding and starting a family together with our potential husbands,right? But sometimes your plans aren’t at per with your significant other. While you are building castles in the air on your dream wedding he’s busy obsessing over the next car or on buying the latest Fifa 19. Sad, right? Some of the times men need a little push in that direction but in my honest opinion if you are a serious person with serious goals you deserve a guy who thinks ahead with you. You don’t need to waste months and years in a relationship that’s not going to yield your expectations.

So here are the signs that he will never propose:
1. He avoids the question over and over

If your man acts weird when you bring the topic on marriage up and tries to shift the conversation elsewhere, he’s not being real with you. There’s no need for games in a relationship and you certainly don’t need to keep pushing. He might not also give you a straight answer and keeps postponing the subject. He’s not serious sis! He’ll keep saying he needs more time or you two haven’t gotten to that point in the relationship yet. Scam!

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2. He didn’t make it official

Maybe you haven’t even began dating and he’s already giving excuses to his lack of commitment. This is the kind of guy who’ll have you at his own convenience. So just imagine I’d he’s not even truthful and committed before you two date,is marriage even on the table? Here’s what you need to do girl, RUN!

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3. He claims he doesn’t believe in marriage

Guys are not like us girls. We, women, say something to mean other but men? Men say what they actually feel and believe in. If he says he doesn’t believe in marriage whereas you do, don’t force it. Accept it and move on to find a guy who’ll wife you.

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4. You haven’t met his family

This is obvious. If a guy is serious about you and is all about making future dreams come true with you by his side, he’ll let you meet the most important part of his life. If he keeps on flaking and doesn’t let you meet them, he just doesn’t see you two going down that path together.

It’s frustrating, trying to change a man to see you as marriage material. Don’t waste your breath trying to prove your worth to someone.

Leave, someone will see you for who you really are and for what you truly deserve.

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