A surprising list of “healthy” foods that have turned out to be unhealthy

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The world is obsessed with staying healthy and young.

There is so much information about what you should be eating, how much of it you should eat, how you should eat it… Sigh. So. Much. Info. That’s all well and good but some foods that are being hawked in these streets and touted as healthy food, when they really are not.

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Here are some healthy foods that have been touted as healthy foods, when they really are not.

1. Fat-free yogurt

Fat-free yogurt may be fat-free but it is definitely not free of sugar. There are so many hidden sugars in fat-free yogurt guys and we all know what sugar does to you. Sema weight gain?

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2. Dried fruit

Dried fruit is a whole SCAM. Just when you think you are doing so much better than everyone else eating dried fruits, all kinds of preservatives and hidden sugars are going into your body. Did anyone tell you that excessive sugar is bad for your skin? It really is sis!

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3. Brown bread

Listen, Brown bread is an acquired taste. We see y’all out here eating what you think is brown bread sandwiches when in reality all you are eating is colored white bread. It is true, most of the bread you eat has little to no whole wheat and is pretty unhealthy. Just because it looks like brown bread doesn’t mean that it is.

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4. Smoothies

Another SCAM! Smoothies contain so much added sugar and full-fat ice cream which all goes straight to your hips and thighs. It’s just better to buy the ingredients and make a smoothie at home. Restaurants smoothies are made of sugar and actual lies.

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Guys, be sure. Read the ingredients off of packages to make sure you do not consume too much sugar or too much salt.

Let us know what foods you think are healthy in the comments below and we will let you know if it is healthy or not. Deal?

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