Being single is not a disease, people!


Some people are single out of choice and others it’s simply because they haven’t had luck in the dating scene. These hilarious things single people go to are just things you can relate to. Trust me, every single single person has been in this situation. You’re the only one in this and I bet you’ll laugh your head off once you see this list of things.

1. People keep asking you why you’re single 

Sometimes it is out of choice or because they simply haven’t found someone worth dating. We all can’t be in relationships so the ones who have chosen to be alone should be left alone.

hilarious things you can relate to if you're single
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2. You live on tinder and dating apps 

Basically, dating apps and dating sites have become your daily bread. You like the thrill of meeting someone new every now and then plus swiping right or left is simply exciting and fun.

things you can relate to if you are single
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3. You hate weddings because they just remind you that you’re not married

Weddings, couples and love related things just make you feel sick to the stomach. You sort of wish you could get married but sometimes you’re totally happy being alone.

things you can relate to if you're single
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4. Your friends always try to set you up 

We really can’t help but love our friends even when they go as far as trying to hook you up with their friends and they insist that you and their male friend would do so well. When you ask them why, they are usually fearful you’ve been single for too long and you just wish they could shut up.

things you can relate to if you're single
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5. Your parents worry about you 

Parents make you feel like there’s something so wrong with you for being alone. They remind you about your ticking biological clock and ask you why you have never brought a guy home and you’re just there like not cool.

things you can relate to if your single
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6.  Sometimes you feel lonely

Especially when it’s super cold and you look at people’s Instagram love filled posts and you’re left there wondering what you’re doing with your life.

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7. But then again you hear relationship dramas and you’re happy again

Your friends will always come and offload all their relationship problems on you and then you’re reminded that you have peace which sometimes they envy but will not admit.

revenge for cheating boyfriend
8. People don’t understand how you live just so freely 

Because you are your own person and you’re not answerable to anyone apart from God and your parents. You have become comfortable and happy living your life without too much hustle and you like it that way.

make him respect you
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Single people are not some special kind of people, they are not weird or sick.

People choose their own paths and honestly, sometimes it seems like single people are a lot happier than people in loveless relationships.

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