Miguna Defends Ruto over Arror, Kimwarer Dams Scandals

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Miguna miguna has defended William Ruto saying he is just a sacrificial lamb in the war against corruption. Photo/File

Embattled City lawyer Miguna Miguna has come to the aid of Deputy President William Ruto defending him against accusations made against his camp over the alleged loss of money set aside for the construction of Arror and Kimwarer Dams in Elgeyo Marakwet counties.

Through is Twitter account Miguna wondered why Uhuru’ government was so much interested in the alleged loss of Kimwarer’s money only when his friends and family had stolen billions of money from the SGR, Eurobond, NYS and Fake gold scandals.

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Uhuru, Raila dance at Waiguru-Waiganjo wedding

He took swipes at ODM party leader Raila Odinga whom he accused of being ‘bribed’ with billions of shillings by the Kenyatta family at the expense of taxpayers money. He termed Raila as a Castrated Hypocrite who had betrayed Kenyans when they highly needed him.


According to Miguna, Raila had no right to betray Kenyans but he did. He said that he also had no right to embrace a tyrant like Uhuru Kenyatta who according to him had made Kenya a living hell for 55 million citizens. He added that Raila had no right to sacrifice millions of Kenyans in pursuit of his selfish financial gain.

Miguna’s attacks on the two leaders came after reports emerged that Raila Odinga together with President Uhuru Kenyatta had attended a traditional wedding of Kirinyaga’s Governor Ann Waiguru.

Miguna through a satirical conversation observed that there was a plot for Raila to have Waiguru as his running mate in 2022. according to his thoughts, the House of Mumbi was doing everything to remain in power even if it means ‘doing away’ with Deputy President William Ruto.

Congratulations, The People’s Con-Man, Raila Odinga, for having been appointed by Tyrant Uhuru Kenyatta as the official Kikuyu NGURARIO collector. Among Indians, that job was reserved for the ENUCH. Among Luos, it is for the Village Buoch. It is a LOUD FALL. he Tweeted

He went ahead to accuse Raila of collaborating with Uhuru who had murdered his supporters in 2017. He observed that Ruto was just becoming a sacrificial lamb for the two who had siphoned the country dry.

“Let me say it in very simple terms for everyone, including the semi-literate, to understand: Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and The People’s Con-Man cannot claim to be “fighting corruption” and “uniting Kenya” when they EMBRACE one of the worst LOOTERS in Kenya” he added

Miguna’s sympathy and soft stand on William Ruto comes just days after Ruto’s close ally Oscar Sudi promised to marshall the country in support of Miguna’s return to Kenya. Miguna had welcomed the move saying that every Kenyan including Sudi had the right to push for his come back.





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