That little erotic text might just ruin your relationship

We all know how it is with bae late at night on Whatsapp, things can get hot and heavy.

But just when you thought you were spicing up your relationship, you might want to pump the breaks on the sexting. According to researchers at the University of Alberta, who studied the effects of sexting on the relationships of 615 people, there are some surprising consequences of hitting send on that sexy picture.


Researchers found that sending the “what are you wearing?” text can add some spice to your relationship, and people who regularly sext their partner have greater sexual satisfaction compared to those that don’t sext. However, the research also revealed regular sexting can raise some red flags in a relationship.

This may be because “the sexters are focusing more on the sexual part of their relationship and maybe neglecting other areas.”

The solution?

An expert said:

“They need to put the phone down and have a good old-fashioned conversation – spend some time together nurturing the relationship – instead of shortcutting with sexting to try to get a quality relationship.”

So the next time you want to bond with your partner, put down the phone and head to the bedroom. Do you sext in your relationship? Has it improved or killed your relationship in other aspects?

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