Mr. Seeds Cries Foul Over Scanty Attention From Wife

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PHOTO COURTESY Mr. Seed and his wife Nimo

Couples respond and adjust to their newborn babies in different ways. When a baby is born, mothers tend to spend a lot of time with the baby something that makes the fathers feel left out and lonely.

This is what is happening to Kenyan gospel artiste Mr. seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri. Mr. seed complains that his wife has shifted all his attention to their son -Gold.

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Through their youtube channel, Nimo shared a video featuring both of them taking an evening walk. Nimo complains about leaving her son for long and Mr.Seeds is upset by the fact that Nimmo is always concerned about the baby forgetting her husband.

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PHOTO COURTESY Mr. Seed wife and baby

mtoto alikuja mimi nikakosa value. Hata hatuwezi kaa one hour mimi nawewe.. ama time yangu iliisha? my time iliisha?..

Mr. Seed tells his wife Nimo. He continues to explain to her that their son will grow, mature up, get married and leave them.

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PHOTO COURTESY Mr. Seed and Nimo

At some point, Mr. seed gets upset and Nimo tries to calm him down convincing him that the baby is still delicate and needs the mother most. However, Mr. Seed would not hear any of her words.

Beib! Kwani wewe ni mtoto? siunajua nikadonyee saa hii ndio kana need attention yangu…. Beib si unajua.. kwani unaonea gold wivu?

Nimo tries to put her point across but Mr seed does not buy any of her points. He continues to complain oblivious of the video that Nimo is busy recording.

Here is the video?

Well, this is a very common scenario in many families where babies bring a gap between couples. It is good to sit down and discuss how to allocate time to spend together.

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