The sad reality is, side chics live a better life than the main chics


Whether we like it or not the responsibilities and expectations that side chicks and main chicks have are quite different. For starters side chicks are disrespectful for entertaining other women’s men, however it’s hard to not envy them. They are the women that help men escape from their somewhat grim lives. After many conversations I’ve had about side chicks these are the reasons why they may live a better life than the main chicks.

1. They don’t have to deal with a man’s negative side 

The man that side chicks know is probably very different from what the main chick knows. They don’t really get into arguments with the man because they don’t get too serious. They have no expectations from the man so they live a simpler life.

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2. They are never too attached because they know they can be left 

They don’t stress the man because they don’t love the men enough. She knows that he can leave at any time so why should she keep nagging him? He therefore keeps chasing her because men love chasing what they can’t keep or have.

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3. They are taken care of for something in return

A side chick knows she is a side chick so at the end of the day it is clear that she knows her place. She knows exactly what the man wants from her and he knows what he needs to do to keep her around.

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4. They don’t have to be there for a man’s family and negative side

She is not burdened with the responsibility of doing anything serious apart from entertaining him. She doesn’t have to meet his family or even be there for him during his financial problems while the main chick obviously has to.

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It does sound crazy. However, it’s just to say that some men don’t seem to appreciate what they would consider as their strength.

Being able to meet his family and sleeping with him every night is not enough. He needs to treat you like the only one and nothing less than that.

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