How wearing an Arsenal shirt made former Kenya Airways employee KSHS 10 million richer!

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A Nairobi court has ordered former Kenya Airways Chief Executive Officer Titus Naikuni to pay a 10 Million Kenyan shillings to the company’s former Corporate and Communication Manager Kepha Moreno Bosire for unlawful sacking.

While issuing the verdict, Justice Nelson Aboudha ruled that the former CEO is personally responsible for providing the money and not the company. The court awarded Bosire Sh1.8 million being three months salary in lieu of notice, twelve months salary compensation, Sh1 million for compensation for undignified treatment of the claimant all amounting to Sh10 million.

Former Kenya Airways CEO Titus Naikuni

Bosire’s lawyer told the court that Mr. Naikuni confronted his client at a Marathon event and stripped him of his T-shirt on grounds that it did not have the company’s logo. The T-shirt in question has been reported to be a jersey belonging English Premier League side Arsenal FC.

The team, based in London has a partnership with global airline company Fly Emirates and has a Fly Emirates logo at the front. Fly Emirates is a direct competitor of Kenya Airways.

It was further revealed that the CEO directed the head of Human Resource to sack Bosire.

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So just for wearing an Arsenal jersey, Kepha Moreno Bosire is 10 million shillings richer. You can almost bet he will use some of the money to buy the newly launched Addidas Arsenal jersey.

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