Alaine friendzones Willy Paul after his lovey confession


Jamaican Singer Alaine Singa has finally responded to Willy Paul’s open love letter.

Willy Paul had yesterday expressed his frustration complaining that Alaine had been ignoring him and went further to block him.

According to Alaine, she assured Willy Paul that everything is okay between them and even asked him whether he would like to work on another song with her.

Judging from Willy Paul’s confession, Kenyans speculated that he wanted more from Alaine than just friendship.

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PHOTO/COURTESY Willy Paul and Alaine Singa

The Jamaican singer however made it clear that the duo has good chemistry in music and added that they will grow together in their music career.

“We know HE has a plan for us to prosper us and to give us a future with hope. We know how far He’s taken us and trust Him with the future.” she wrote in her post

Alaine’s statement is clear that they are just friends with Willy Paul and she insists that their close ties is as a result of their music.

Willy Paul had questioned whether Alaine got jealous over his closeness with Nandy yet assured her that it was nothing to worry about.


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Alaine has in her recent post made it clear that she will unblock Willy Paul and get back in touch with him.

The controversial  Kenyan Singer Willy Paul had explained that Alaine cut off communication and did not make any effort to reach out even when she was in Kenya.

The two artists have been close ever since they did their first collabo dubbed ‘I do’ which was a major hit.

Fans trolled Willy Paul for being desperate and obsessed about the Jamaican Singer but seems like his complaints paid off.

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PHOTO/COURTESY Willy Paul and Alaine Singa


Have a look at Alaine’s response

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