Oscar Sudi Mocked For Vowing to Fight for Miguna’s Return to the Country

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi.PHOTO/COURTESY

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has found himself on the wrong side with Kenyans after he sensationally vowed to fight for the return of the Controversial City Lawyer Miguna Miguna back to the country.

It is now well over a year since Miguna was deported to Canada and despite the court ruling that he is a Kenyan citizen, he is yet to jet back to the country.

Controversial City Lawyer Miguna Miguna.PHOTO/COURTESY


Sudi , a close ally to Deputy President William Ruto,was speaking during the release of former State House digital director Dennis Itumbi who was set free on a bail of KSh 100,000 on Wednesday, where he claimed that Itumbi’s arrest was all the work of the Jubilee government which the MP accused of having several elements from within who had a knack of bullying specific political leaders.

“We will not relent in our allegations. This is exactly what they did to Miguna and I want to ask my Kenyans and my friends that after this we fight for Miguna Miguna to come home. This is the politics of the old and we will not be cowed,” Sudi said.

Itumbi was arrested on Wednesday as part of an investigation on a fake letter alleging a plot to eliminate the Deputy President.

In another twist the DCI is seeking 256 people who are believed to connected to the circulation of the mysterious letter. The Tanga tanga WhatsApp group is under investigation and its members are expected to record statements with the police.

Itumbi claims to be in ownership of a video recorded at La Mada hotel – where the alleged plot to assassinate Ruto was reportedly hatched –and which he wanted played in camera before the magistrate.

A section of the masses who have turned up to bash vocal MP have accused him of trying to take advantage of the embattled Lawyer to thrive in the controversy while majority went on to accuse him of pretence questioning his role while MIguna was being arrested.

One Tim Gitonga wrote;

“Huh! @HonOscarSudi What nonsense! What hogwash!! @MigunaMiguna can fight for himself and does not require your despotic inclination! Where were you when he fighting for his life? Or Itumbi had the password? Not boarding!!!!”

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