Inevitable things that happen when you sleep over at a Kenyan guy’s place


A young African American couple lying bed. The focus is on the man who is asleep with his head on his girlfriend’s chest. She is awake, looking away with a serious expression.

You go to a guys place for a sleepover having everything planned out. You probably even know exactly what you will wear and you think how you will wake up and probably brush your teeth before he wakes. However, the awkward things that happen when you go for a sleepover are inevitable. You are after all in someone’s house and if it is your first time there then I bet you have gone through these hilarious experiences.

1. You wonder how you will fart because you don’t know him like that

Honestly, how will you fart? Because at the end of the day you don’t want to chase him with your gas. On the other hand, the best thing to do is probably go outside and fart then go back to the house. Don’t make a fool of yourself and release.

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2. You wonder if you should wash your face or not because your makeup looks so good

Does he really need to see your face without makeup? You keep wondering if you’re even at that stage of feeling too comfortable yet you also want to look cute for him.

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3. You pretend to not eat a lot even if you’re starving 

You act like you don’t want the rest of the pizza while on a normal day you would finish the whole box. You pretend you don’t eat a lot simply because you want to act like a lady.

awkward things that happen on a sleepover
4. Then you think of whether or not it’s okay to poop in his house 

You are allowed to poop in any toilet. But you wonder if you can poop in his toilet because he will probably hear it and what’s even worse he might smell it because he doesn’t have a toilet spray.

awkward things that happen on a sleepover
5. When it’s time to sleep you wonder if you will have to cuddle the whole night 

You want to be held but not for too long. You also wonder how to tell him that your neck is tired but at the same time it feels so good, this is literally a conflicting moment for you.

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6. When you wake up you want to shower and brush your teeth as soon as possible

You wish you could wake up and look like you came out from a makeup magazine but the reality is that you wake up with smelly breath and a face that looks a bit beat. What a tragedy.

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At the end of the day, a sleepover is meant to be fun, you don’t have to overthink it especially if it is with a guy that you like.

I am not saying you go there and let everything go, just act like a guest, enjoy your stay and have fun.

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