Uproar As Nyeri Police Officers Arrest Those Without Underwear

Police Sexual Harassment in Uganda. PHOTO/COURTESY

Walking around Nyeri Town without innerwear can get you arrested after the police officers from the area a fortnight ago began inspecting those walking around without the ‘holy garment.’

According to an article by a local newspaper, the Police officers are have been profiling those walking without the garment as suspects of the outlawed Mungiki, a criminal gang consisting of mainly of youths from the Kikuyu community, which has reportedly reemerged.

A section of the residents have reported the incidence, claim that they have had to bear with the brunt of police brutality and harassment and have now called for the government and humanitarian organizations to intervene.

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The reports which have since gone viral has caused an uproar online with a good number of Kenyans coming to the rescue of the troubled residents.

Some went on to condemn the move while others termed it hilarious.

One Derrick Mbuguaa wrote;

“Nyeri youths decry harassment, you are arrested if you are not wearing underwear.Why are police arresting them I thought wearing underwear is a choice ?”

This is happening just a few days after Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu claimed that the whole move was political where he accused a section of  Mt. Kenya MPs allied to the Deputy President Willam Ruto of branding members from the region who are against the Tanga Tanga as ‘Mungiki’.

Ther vocal MP claimed that the team has opted to adopt the plot so that they can scare and intimidate those against them especially in early politicking.

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu.PHOTO/COURTESY
“They claim that the men, women and children who are standing up to their premature politics, are Mungiki. They hope to draw from the loathing we have for this illegal group to scare and intimidate people from telling them off when they speak politics at the wrong place”.He added, “TangaTanga leaders from Mt Kenya who are pushing the narrative that poor frustrated young Kikuyu men should be arrested or killed purely on the basis of their financial status, gender & ethnicity; and because they refuse to support your political of premature 2022 campaigns and disrespecting the President; we can only call you ‘Tukunia.”

See what other Kenyans have to say;



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