[Photos] Inside Kenya’s controversial politicians’ multi million houses


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Who wouldn’t wish to have a lavish lifestyle like some of our high-end politicians? Kenya has wonderful sights and visits which include beautiful houses. Most of our politicians have been living their dreams, even with housing rates still not affordable for most of us, they have dropped mansions that we can’t help but love.

The country’s lawmakers earn millions per month in salaries and other allowances and it is no surprise to see the opulent lifestyles they have to show for it. From the the expensive fuel guzzlers they drive to the posh places where they wine and dine, these legislators are simply in their own class.

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With a lot of money to spend, wealth, fame and popularity, sometimes it is hard to impress Kenyan Billionaires unless you promise them easy entry to Heaven. Some of them are so rich that one would think they can buy heaven. But because they can’t, they have decided to build their own mansions in Kenya which are not far away from being called heaven on earth.

Below are a few kenyan celebrities with houses to die for;

Governor Joho


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