Eric Omondi Confirms Vera Sidika’s Epic Transformation

PHOTO COURTESY Eric Omondi and Vera Sidika

Kenyan bootylicious socialite and beauty queen Vera Sidika set social media ablaze on Monday after sharing a picture of herself looking darker.

It was a shock to many Kenyans who could not believe that one Vera, Otile Brown’s ex-girlfriend, the one who spend millions in bleaching her skin, could ever wish to get back to her normal darker skin.

Vera’s picture went viral on social media leaving fans confused whether to believe if it was her or someone else. While some people argued that it was photoshop, others said that it was some kind of makeup.


Hii make up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


May God confuse my enemies they way you are confusing us

However, Eric Omondi has come out with an answer to everyone who expressed doubts on Vera Sidika’s Transformation. Taking to social media, Eric shared a video of himself having fun with Vera Sidika, trying to prove that it was neither photoshop nor make-up.

Eric Omondi and Vera PHOTO COURTESY

From face to her hands and finally to her tummy, Eric inspected Vera before a camera, to show the public that Vera truly changed her skin color from light to dark.

The girl just transformed back to her original color.

To back up Eric Omonidi’s proof, Vera has also shared a video of herself to prove that she is truly dark.


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Wishing y’all a beautiful day ahead Sweethearts. πŸ’•Love and LifeπŸ’•

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