You better stop being a slay queen if you want a man and here’s why

I have come to the conclusion that being a slay queen is actually not a good thing.

Your slay queen behaviour is scaring men away because you are basically the shady version of a classy woman. You see a slay queen is a wannabe, someone who is trying to a Kardashian but is stuck between Akothee and a villager. At the very least Akothee has money so I wouldn’t really say she’s a slay queen. A slay queen lives in a false reality and in Kenya, these slay queen characteristics are chasing men away.

1. You have that shady look 

I mean there are many women who dress in tight clothes, wear makeup and weave but they look elegant. If you’re a slay queen you will overdo everything, you will exaggerate the makeup, your powder and foundation will probably be the wrong shade and you just look cheap. Plus your eyebrows will probably look too dark and weird.

slay queen
Image: Gistmania
2. You pretend to be classy when you’re not

You like acting like the only places you can go to is Kempinski when you know very well you go to kibandas on a normal day. You try and pull off a classy look but end up looking like this girl instead.

slay queen
Image: Pics’nGiggles
3. You’re waiting for a man to take care of you 

You have all these standards for who a man needs to be but you’re not matching up. You say a man should take care of you, clothe you and yet you have no sense of independence.

Image result for you're waiting for a man to take care of you

4. You act ratchet in clubs

You’re the type that starts fights, falls all the time because you’re wearing high heels that you can’t walk in. You dress skimpily confusing it for classy and hold on to one bottle of black ice the whole night waiting for men to buy you drinks knowing very well you only have money for a matatu.

slay queen
5. You don’t feel the need to work on your English

You don’t feel the need to polish your English. English is not for people who grew up in Loresho and Karen, it’s a language that you should just know. Read books, stop with the fake accent and write a bit more and you will be better.

slay queen
Image: Mpasho
6. You’re ignorant but you pretend to know what’s best 

You don’t keep up with the current affairs or anything really. You only know how to narrate stories about your escapades but you don’t really like knowledge though you have an opinion about everything.

slay queen

A slay queen is the Chinese version of everything good. In short, you’re the fake version of the classy, original diva.

Strive to be better, work on your self, learn how to do your makeup on YouTube, read more books and don’t be comfortable because you will attract shady guys as well.

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