‘Religious leaders should concentrate on teaching the word instead of engaging in politics’

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A section of Covenant Clergy Alliance leaders from Central Kenya. The group has come under criticism for engaging in politics rather than spiritual matters. Photo/File

A section of Kenyans have come out to condemn religious leaders who have turned themselves into political vessels at the expense of preaching and converting souls.

While reacting to sentiments made on Friday by a section of religious leaders from Mt. Kenya region who openly endorsed ODM party leader Raila Odinga saying the former premier was fit to take the mantle from President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022, many Kenyans online said the church was losing direction involving itself in ungodly practices.

Speaking on Saturday at a press conference held in Juja town, the clerics under the umbrella group Covenant Clergy Alliance observed that the country was currently ready for a Luo President. They said Raila had proved to the nation that he has Kenya’s interests at heart since the March 2018 famous handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

They added that the good relationship between the two leaders had brought the warring political camps together in the process helping tone down the political tension that was in the country

ODM leader Raila Odinga during Tom Mboya's memorial serviceon Friday, July 4, 2019.

“We are ready to have a President from the Luo community and we are urging President Uhuru to support Raila Odinga because he is the only man who will continue his big four agenda after 2022. Again, Raila is Mt. Kenya region’s great friend. He has never been our enemy as purported by a section of greedy leaders” said David Ngari who leads the Caucus


The leaders observed that since the March handshake, the fight against corruption in the country has been beefed up and that there was a need for the same to be completed upon Uhuru’s retirement in 2022.

“The two have worked tirelessly to redeem this country from corruption menace.  Voting in Raila in 2022 will be a sure way to bring this corruption into an end but voting in ‘other’ people’ will be like licensing craft for two other decades” added Ngari. He also called on other leaders who were against the handshake to join both the President Aand Raila Odinga in preaching peace.

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“Leaders must respect Raila Odinga. He is wise and knows what is best for the country. We have heard people branding him as ‘The Lord of Poverty’ while they are the ones taking the country to the dogs” added Pastor Amos Ochuka.

Ochuka was indirectly referring to Deputy President William Ruto’s recent remarks he made against  Raila Odinga terming him as the lord of Poverty while on a fund Drive function in Nyamira Kisii county.

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The clerics’ sentiments have however elicited mixed reactions from a section of the netizens who are now accusing the clerics of engaging themselves in politics rather than the required spiritual matters.

Here are some of the reactions from Facebook by a section of Hungry Kenyans;

Vincent Muhunami Okay, but I think religious leaders should concentrate on teaching the word instead of engaging in politics

“They should advise accordingly. Consequences of such promises according to the bible are gravious for the nation and individual politicians. Truthfulness is the backbone of scripture.” added another user

Nicholas Juma Wanyama That is okay but wrong for the clergy to take lead. Every Kenyan has freedom of expression and choice to make but the fear of God is above it all. Such words should not have come from clergy who are fully aware of the existence of MoU between the President and DP.

Kennedy Nandiri Which Raila kindly expound is it the Raila we know or?

Robert Rono Panda mbegu pastors are conmen

Lifter Pat It’s a non issue. Can’t they fight the ills in the society by way of preaching Christ and desist from political nonsensical.?

Paul Kinyanjui Check their wallets

Wanjiku Wa Kigondu Stop nonsense we don’t neither raila nor ruto

The Church has recently come under sharp criticism from both political divides for engaging itself in ‘ungodly’ matters. Recently, Kieleweke team which supports the handshake between Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga accused religious leaders of receiving ‘dirty money’ from Tanga-tanga chief leader Dr. William Ruto’s endless church Donations.








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