Is your man a Kenyan slay king?

Otile Brown- Zumi

When you’re dating a Kenyan slay king you feel like you’re dating a man in a woman’s body.

A Kenyan slay king is usually the kind that is self-obsessed, the kind that lives for himself and is sort of like Diamond the singer. People like talking about slay queens, their painted faces and their fake everything. However, a Kenyan slay king is a new breed of man that has evolved and I am not sure I like them as much. Are you dating a slay king? Find out.

1. They always take selfies and post so many photos

Honestly, a real man doesn’t keep taking selfies of himself, I mean do it in private. When you’re dating a slay king, he probably takes more photos of himself than you and you’re there wondering why he can’t put his phone down for a minute. His life is always on his Instagram in either video form or photos, this is an immature man.

slay king
Image: Courtesy

2. Always post photos of alcohol and women

His two favourite things are alcohol and women. I would respect a man who posts photos of Bible quotes, life quotes and posts photos of me and him because why not? But a man who posts photos of alcohol and women is basically a proper fuck boy, a player and one who has to post Hennessy and his most expensive bottle of whiskey is a shady one.

slay king
Image: Nairobi Wire

3. They wear overpowering cologne 

A bit of cologne is okay but then wearing one that gets you to sneeze is beyond shady. A slay king wants everyone to smell him as he passes, first of all, that’s probably cheap cologne, because a good cologne isn’t overwhelmingly strong.

slay king

4. They actually go for pedicures and facials

I am not against men taking care of themselves but when a man is obsessed with their feet and a small pimple of their face, that’s a problem. Slay kings are obsessed with themselves and sometimes a bit too much, in a disturbing way.

slay king
Image: Bevel
5.  Many women always comment on his photos 

Whenever he posts a photo women always comment on his photo and say things like “aki nime ku miss” or “where have you been?” yet he has a girlfriend, how annoying is this?

6. They wear flashy clothes and have many phones

Slay kings usually have many phones at least one big one or two big ones and a kabambe because apparently, he is a businessman. He wears flashy clothes, dresses in windbreakers and bright clothes and jewelry.

Image result for kenyan man wearing flashy clothes

It’s okay if you’re in love with a slay king because maybe you’re also a slay queen which then means you’re suited for each other. Personally, I can’t stand men who are too extra because most of them are players and who wants a player?

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