You won’t believe how women use some of these odd materials to achieve self-pleasure

So this is no surprise that, when it comes to getting really horny and all and your man isn’t there or you’re a single fine woman, you need to sort yourself out. Despite the little feeling of guilt you get after. As long as you feel satisfied, it doesn’t really matter. True or false? So here are a couple of weird things women have masturbated with.

1. Pillowgasm

Talk about humping a pillow. It’s okay honey. Nobody knows your secret but you. Yes, You reading this right now. Or not. Some women go to the extent or rubbing their coochie against a pillow and most women have said and I quote “best feeling ever. “Apparently most women reach the Big O when they masturbate. I guess we are all just different huh?

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2. Toothbrush

Well, this is no surprise. If some women can finger their mans but-thole, then using a brush to tickle their clit isn’t that much of a big deal. Some women use the handle to rub against their coochie, while others like it a bit rough and use the bristle side of the brush. Should I say ouch maybe?

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3. Bedpost

Well, next question? See yah! Anyway, yes. Most women if not most would prefer to go a bit rough on the privates and rub their coochie against their bed or something wooden and a bit blunt. Okay. Do your thing honey. Whatever pleases you.

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4. Teddy bear

Like seriously? Poor teddy bear. It was just as innocent as a virgin until you rubbed your coochie against it in pleasure. I’d like to laugh, but then again I cannot. This is because we all have preferences when it comes to playing with our lady junk under the belt. But a teddy bear? come on ladies!

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Feel free to purchase sex toys if you ever want to sort yourself out. But these are only but a few weird things women have used to masturbate and it’s super crazy.

Have you tried one of the above?

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