Up your foreplay game with these scrumptious foods

sexy food- Zumi

If you enjoy it as much as we do, we are here to lend a helping hand and make your sex life a whole lot more interesting. There is so much more to foreplay than the usual kissing, touching and oral sex and that’s where food comes in, something we all love! sure, it might get your bed a little messy but a little stain has never hurt anybody. Plus it will be totally worth it. You and your partner won’t get enough of it and you’ll be thanking us once you’re done. Here are some foods you should definitely experiment within your next escapade with bae.

1. Whipped cream

Why not meet bae at the door with nothing on but whipped cream covering your nipples and vagina? We are sure he won’t have a hard time licking all that sweetness off.

sexy food
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2. Ice cubes

You can freeze some juice or use plain ice cubes. Putting one in your mouth and going down on him will make him scream out for joy. You’re welcome.

sexy food- Zumi
Source: Reader’s Digest


3. Chocolate

Melt some chocolate and do whatever you please with it.

sexy food- Zumi
Source: Candy Critic
4. Strawberries

We all know the struggle of getting sweet strawberries in Nairobi, and this is where the chocolate can come in handy.

sexy food- Zumi
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5. Mint

You know that tingly feeling you get in your mouth when you suck on a mint sweet, bae’s beefcake will be on fire in a good way if you go down on him after sucking on a mint sweet.

sexy food- Zumi
Source: Pinterest


6. Mangoes

Mangoes are probably the second best-loved food after avocados and why not! They are sweet and juicy, which make them perfect for a bit of bedroom fun!

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