Winks comments sparks online ‘war’

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Liverpool and Tottenham fans engaged in a heated debate online as they revisited the happenings in last season’s Champions League final. The argument began when Tottenham midfielder Harry Winks said that Video Assistant Referee (VAR) let them down during their loss to Liverpool.

While talking about their Champions League final heartbreak and their future plans under coach Mauricio Pochettino, Winks insisted that the penalty that was given to Liverpool should have been disallowed by the VAR, which the referee did not bother to confirm. According to him, it was a chest to hand and shouldn’t have been considered a handball.

30 seconds into the Champions League final, Liverpool were awarded a penalty for a handball against Moussa Sissoko, with Tottenham barely having a touch of the ball beforehand. Mohammed Salah stepped up and slotted beyond Hugo Lloris to give ​the Reds a very early lead and got his side off to the perfect possible start.

But after Winks’ statement, Liverpool fans were quick to trash him, reminding him of how they unfairly won against Manchester City in the Champions League quarterfinals.

So you wanted to get your own team knocked out in the quarterfinals?

Oh we’ll never mind eh

If it wasn’t for VAR the final would’ve been man city vs Liverpool

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It was a penalty without var ref just used it to confirm if Spurs fans are upset maybe they should ask sissoko what he was doing with his arm  it was pretty blatant and actually unbelievable to think otherwise certain pen every way u look at it

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Even my Spurs supporting father-in-law said it was a penalty and he is so biased

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Hahahahaha, okay Wink, take away the Penalty, what’s the final score . Mind you, no VAR in Epl , home and away, you know the result

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These lot can never admit that they lost  It happened in the first minute anyway so regardless of the decision, they had another 89 minutes to do something and they didn’t

Tottenham Hotspur’s fans were equally relentless as they gave their opponents rejoinders to disapprove them.

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If you watch the video, that’s literally what he says tho

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Mate, you know your team won right? Why so angry? He’s allowed to think it wasn’t a pen. And the VAR decisions in the previous Spurs game were correct so not sure what point you’re trying to make there. Have a lie down.

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Why don’t you listen to the whole interview you absolute tool.

New law came into effect before the final – which is bullshit – that is my point

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Did you hear the interview he did say it also worked in there favour as well

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Did he mention the Llorente hand ball for the winning goal against City in the semi? Swings and roundabouts Harry lad.

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