Zari Reveals The Person To Inherit Her Expensive Handbags

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The Ugandan Socialite and Diamond Platinumz Baby Mama Zari Hassan is known to have a rich wardrobe with everything that a woman can admire. From designer clothes, shoes, clutches, sling bags and handbags.

Most of Zari’s Products are from the most expensive brands such as Versace, Gucci,  and Louis Vuitton. Take a look at her unpacking products from Louis Vuitton.


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Taking to social media, Zari flaunted her rich wardrobe to her fans. From her caption which talks about her new braided hairstyle, It is unclear whether her intentions were to show off the wardrobe. However, the picture revealed a bigger picture of her wardrobe prompting fans to talk about it.

Zari’s Wardrobe INSTAGRAM

While it is good to possess many good things but possessing too much them would raise questions. Zaris extra handbags caught the attention of her fans where one fan asked her who would inherit them after she dies.


Sasa mwanangu ukifa utamuachia nani mabegi yote hayoo(my child who will  inherit all those handbags after when you die?)

The fan asked!

Immediately, Zari Hassan responded to the fan telling stating that her daughter Princess Latiffah would inherit them.
@boss_kid_mombasa Latiffah 🤗
Zari and her daughter are very close and they interact as friends even in their conversations.
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PHOTO COURTESY Zari’s Daughter Princess Latiffah
In other news, it has been revealed that Zari has been lying about her age. This follows a leaked image of her passport which reveals that she is not 38 years old but she will be turning 41 in September.
PHOTO COURTESY Zari’s leaked passport
This was revealed after Zari’s fans trolled Tanasha Donna accusing her of lying about her birth date to match it with Diamond’s Mother birthday.
However, Tanasha proved them wrong by sharing a portion of her passport indicating that she was born on 7th July 1995, 17 years after Zari was born.
Tanasha exposing her birth date INSTAGRAM

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