Wema Sepetu Re-Arrested Immediately After Court Sets Her Free


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On Thursday, July 4th, the Kisutu Magistrate court released the embattled Tanzanian Beauty Wema Sepetu after her case was thrown out. Prosecutor Glory Mwenda threw out Wema’s case after her witness failed to show up during a court hearing.

Taking to social media, Wema’s lawyer announced that Wema was set free.

Exhibiting so much relief Wema also took to social media explaining how she has gone through tough times. She did this even before leaving the court premises.

She asked her fans to allow her to take some break from social media telling them that she loved them.

Little did Wema know that her freedom would not last long. A few minutes later, Wema was re-arrested by police and taken back to the police cell. Here is the Video.

Wema’s predicaments began in 2018 where she was charged with posting an indecent video clip on her Instagram timeline. This case saw Wema spend 7 days behind bars for violating Bail terms.

On June 24th Wema was issued with a warning stating that her bail terms would be canceled if she violated them again.

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This is not the first time Wema is caught on the wrong side of the law. Back in 2017, Wema was charged for smoking Marijuana. Poor her!

After the re-arrest, her fate is not clear, and her fans are waiting for the police to speak.





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