Khaligraph Jones Raids Mpasho Offices and Rains Terror on Employees (Video)

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PHOTO COURTESY Khaligraph Jones

Wow! it seems that the Kenyan rapper King Khaligraph Jones alias Papa jones the OG has been choked by too much gossip from a local media house Mpashokenya.

This comes after he stormed their offices with intentions of knowing why they keep on writing controversial articles about him, his family and music. Recently Khaligraph had issued a stern warning on anyone talking about him and everything linked to him.

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PHOTO COURTESY Khaligraph Jones

The shock on him! Upon arrival, he was met by empty desks and laptops after Mpasho staff fled the scene after they learnt that Khaligraph Jones was on his way to their offices.

With disappointment, Khaligraph hauled insults to them saying that they ran away when the learnt that he was about to make a thunderous appearance in their offices.

In a recorded video, Khaligraph is heard monologuing and calling Mpasho employees names.

Majamaa wa mpasho, imebidi wamekimbia wakisikia OG Amekuja hapa..kwendeni  huko  matako nyinyi (he clicks)

here is the video;


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Majamaa awa mpasho Waliskia OG anakuja Wakahepa Ofisi, Wakwende uko mbali. #leavemealone #respecttheogs #mrinternational

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When the famous Classic FM radio presenter saw the post, he threw shade on Credibility of Khaligraphs claims telling him that he was in the wrong offices.


Hahahaaaa!!! 🤣🤣🤣 umechocha sana @khaligraph_jones …but you’re on the wrong floor my brother. Kuwa tu OG, nenda 3rd floor, ask for them before 9.00PM. Otherwise leave me alone, I am waiting for results from Lagos!!!

Defending himself, Khaligraph claimed that he was there in person, but he was barred from accessing 3rd floor after being told Mpasho guys were hiding in the other floor but he could not find them. He only found empty desks.

@mainawakageni 😂😂 uko Juu nimefungiwa Elevator Wakanikataza Kuingia nikaambiwa wamejificha apa Chini but Kufika hapa am finding nobody, i will be back
Khaligraph Jones want Mpasho to stop publishing articles about him and he promised to raid their offices once again.

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