This is what you can afford with a 20Bob in today’s Kenyan economy


Ever since the 8% VAT was announced and chocolate taxed, life hasn’t been very easy for a lot of us.

If we’re being honest, the Kenyan Economy keeps getting more and more expensive by the day, at the expense of the common Kenyan mwananchi. The high standards of living, high costs of everything, and to top it all off, we have almost close to zero employment guarantee, life has truly become hard.

It is no wonder why Kenyans have resorted to ways such as betting, gambling and even illegal affairs just to get by in this country. The 1-shilling coin became irrelevant in this country a long time ago, and soon enough, the 5, 10, and 20-shilling coins will also follow suit.

But before that happens, we take a look at what 20 shillings can buy you in Kenya. Here is a quirky list of things you can buy with just 20 bob.

1.A handkerchief

It is important to have this in case of tear gas thrown at hawkers at the CBD happens to you, blow your nose during the flu season, wipe dirty seats… I mean the possibilities are endless and have been made possible by a simple handkerchief. We thank God-o!

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2.A banana

This will come through for you when you are in the office at 3 pm fighting for your life as your blood sugar drops completely to the floor. Bananas are the real MVPs guys. Do not look down on them!

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Let me tell you, you have not known desperation until you leave a fire concert and try to call your friend who is also your ride home and you have absolutely no money for an uber/ matatu. Sema kuhema ?Thank God for the airtel bundles because they have bundles worth 20 shillings and you can also get free WhatsApp at the same time.


You’ve all heard him. The guy in public transport that comes in and announces that he has “Dawa ya mende-minyo-Tropikooooos” Listen, this guy is the real MVP. The best way to silence hunger pangs in a bus that is smelling like a bag of chips is to buy some sweets and pray you get home in time for dinner.

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It is not all that bad now, is it? Hopefully, this list will help you have a more positive mindset in this current economy. Tell us in the comments about what else you can buy in the current Kenyan economy.

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